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Maria Cherry Gallery


Southern American Realism

The Sketchbook Page

Some of the sketches on this page are preliminary drawings and first sketches of paintings I've done over the years. Some are very crude and were done really fast to capture the scene or just to get the feel of size and layout and contrasting values. A lot of them are sketches that never developed into a finished tempra or watercolor. Some are hardly recognizable as a drawing...... but I tried to put some of the better ones on. There will also be some of the more crude ones on too, as they are just quick thoughts. Some are done on sticky notes and others on anything I found handy....wrinkled and torn from years of storage and moving them around. Hope you enjoy them!

This drawing was done on a friend of mine's farm...about 5 miles from my farm. It is one of a few sketches for the finished watercolor "October" It is part of the Horner Collection. I do not have the original image on the site yet, but hope to soon. It was done around 1982.

This too, is a drawing to a finished tempra in the Horner Collection. It was near the shed where we stored milk at the Pardue's farm. Belonging to "Mrs. Lauradean".........on the site. I did quite a few sketches and drawings around their farm.

Another drawing.....different position.

This was my first sketch for "Another Rose For Norma Jean" I later changed the vase when I found my grandmother's old cut-glass vase. I thought that would also offer a greater challenge painting the cut-glass in egg tempra. Ideas sometime change as the drawing or painting progresses.

 This is one of a watercolor I sold in Minnesota. I never had a picture of the finished painting before it sold.

Same painting, different angle.

A sketch for the watercolor "Edge Of The Field" Also in the Horner collection. The finished image will be on the site soon.

The above sketches (left to right) are the first sketches for the watercolor painting " Mrs. Lauradean". The painting itself took about 5 months to complete.

Although I did a lot of sketches for the five paintings I did around the Allen house.....this is the very first sketch of the watercolor "Allen House" itself. Most of the others are in the Horner Collection as it contains all five paintings I did there.

The first sketch for the watercolor "Blackeyed Susans". Eventually pulled the chair back into the shadows. One of many paintings I've done around the Doak house which adjoins my farm. I actually cut the hay in the field right outside the door a couple of years ago and had to run inside due to a quick thunderstorm and sat for awhile in the chair until the storm blew over. I called the owner of the original watercolor and told him I was sitting in his painting.....he got a kick out of that!

This is a sketch I did around Mr. Clinard's orchard on his farm. I never did the painting.

I was always intrigued by the moonlight coming through the windows at the Allen house. This sketch which I titled "Moon Shadows" was a prelude to "Moonstruck" which I actually painted in the next

room over. It had the deacons bench and the old quilt which I unfolded to catch the light. The house was still in it's original form when I painted or sketched and photographed most of the scenes around there. Mrs. Annie Lou Allen was the last Allen to live there.....she was broken into one night...didn't know it until the next morning. She never spent another night I had the run of the place for about three weeks until a developer got it and sold it off in tracts. The original house still stands.