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                        From time to time, we will be featuring a new painting in progress and show the
                       progression from start to finish.  This is an egg tempra just started.  This scene
                        was located in Leipers Fork, Tn.  The rock was cut limestone from the civil war era.
                      The final image when finished will be done from a Cruzscan from which we print
                       our Giclee' reproductions from at 1440 DPI.
                                            update  2/3/2011    about a days work since above photo
                                             a little more work on pumpkins and now the limestone rock
                                             is beginning to take form.
                                         update 4/15/2011   Finally finished the egg tempra  "Sundown".
                                         I haven't actually been working on it since first posted having
                                         one commissioned piece with a deadline that had to be finished.  
                                         I usually stay on one painting from start to finish and not work
                                         on any other paintings,  but sometimes situations dictate otherwise.
                                      Almost finished with this watercolor of childhood friends
                                      of mine.....all brothers.  "The Curtis Boys" .  This photo
                                       probably taken in the late 1940's or early 1950's.   They
                                      are sitting and standing on an old "Indian"  motorcycle.
                                Maria shot this photo of me putting the finishing touches on             
                              "The Curtis Boys".  After this, it's back to the tempra "Sundown"
                                 I rarely jump from one painting to another one, but sometimes
                        circumstances dictate that you do.
                                                                                        "Rat Patrol"
                      This is a painting I started about a year ago of the AA/A altered dragster.
                        I started the building of this car back in 1969.  I did almost all the work
                         myself including the paint.  It featured then a rare aluminum block 510
                         Chevrolet engine.  My first love was cars and drag racing before I decided
                         that I wanted to paint.  I'm basically painting this car from memory, although
                         I do have a few old photos of it.  Lots of chrome which I loved.  I sold it
                         almost as soon as I finished it to finance my first 4-color art reproductions
                         deciding it was cheaper to paint than race cars.  It did win competition
                         eliminator class at the summernationals which was held at that time in
                         Bowling Green, Ky.  I never saw the car again after it left my driveway.
                         I missed racing so much, I couldn't even go to a race for fear of wanting
                        to start all over again.  Now maybe I can get the painting finished at least.
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