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My vision as an artist is to give the viewer or collector a feel for the painting.  I never sit down
and do a painting because I think it will be a  "pretty painting".  There is something that draws you
to do a painting, whether it's the look on the face of "Theodore" sitting on that old wooden bench
or the intricate work in the fabric of "Tuesday's Gift", where the Irises growon our porch at the
gallery.  I want the viewer to feel some of the same emotions or passions that drew me to do the
painting.....although being known as a "photo-realist" artist, it's more than trying to make a painting
look's making you feel like you are in the upstaris room at the Allen house with the
moonlight streaming through the window ("Moonstruck"), or just seeing Moses("The Veteran") as
I did for the first time sitting on his porch, knowing all the stories he could tell as a World War I
veteran..........Mariah sitting on the beach....I want you to hear the ocean waves breaking and feel
the warmth of the evening sun shining oh her hair.........I've always felt that the true beauty in a
painting is being able to capture the moment of a person, place or thing that you paint and bring
it to life so that when you look back on that moment you can still feel the adrenalin rush that you
had when first seeing it.  Whether it takes a year to complete the painting or a month, it's important
that you have that same feeling throughout the start to finish of a painting.  There is never a time
limit placed on a's finished  when it's fnished and not a moment before.  I love detail
and feel as though it's a very important part of a painting to me....being able to show the light
flowing through the ruffles of the dress in "Waiting For Tomorrow" and feel the fabric and rusty
door knob.....that's what it's all about.  The excitement you feel when you finish a painting is
knowing that you were able to capture that same feeling and excitement of that exact moment of
when you saw it for the first time.  I want to be able to look back and feel the dust behind
Joshua Habaeggar plowing his fields or remember how cold it was the day I walked to Mr. Clinards
farm in "Ten Below".  I hope I'm at least partly able to evoke some of the same feelings I had when
painting these scenes to the viewer or collector.  My satisfaction is knowing that I have put every
ounce of energy that I have into doing a painting and bringing it to life and doing it in a way that
the viewer can be in my shoes at that very moment and experience what I felt when seeing a
painting for the first time.  American Fine has no geographical boundries.  My vision and hope
is that art lovers world wide will enjoy viewing my art as much as I have painting it.
H.R. Lovell
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