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                            The scrapbook pages are filling up, so we continue with Scrap Book III.   I have been
                              going through my sketch pads and finding drawings of past  and future works, so I'll
                              be adding a few of those when and as we come upon them along with the other photos
                              of people and places and things we've met along the way.
                              I couldn't think of a better way to open the new page than with a photo of my father
                              looking over the fields back in the early 1980's.  He was a great inspiration and a crucial
                              part of my art career.   I think I took this photo with my first 35 mm camera.   This is
                              actually the field where I painted "Coolrock"......from the field looking in the direction
                              of where we are standing.  My dad is where we got our artistic my brother
                              also has great drawing skills.  In the next photo is the only drawing I have that my dad
                              did......a sketch of an eagle.  He showed that to me when I was painting on "The Veteran".
                              he did one of an old cartoon but I have been unable to locate it.
                          This is the only sketch I have that my dad did.....I think of an eagle.  I was pretty impressed
                           when he showed it to me back in 1987.  I just rediscovered it a few weeks ago and decided
                           to put it on the site.
                           Janice and I at her home in Kentucky.  She just sold me a
                     watermelon and some okra.  It was about 101 degrees this day
                     and the first time I had seen either of them without their traditional
                     bonnet on.....yet there was a good breeze on top of the ridge where
                     they live.  It's always a treat visiting them.  Photos taken 8/3/2011
            Janice and Rose laying in the grass next to their produce stand.
            Never a dull moment while visiting these two sisters.  Everytime we
                visit, there is always someone bringing them something....This day
               a car drove up with two elderly ladies saying.."where are those girls?
               we bought them some candy ."   Everyone knows Janice and Rose.   
            Photos taken 8/3/2011  
  How time flies!  Anne Marie (left) whom I painted 
  when she was twelve, was Rose Ellen's first
   grade teacher this past school year.            
                              We like to feature from time to time the paintings and how
                        they are framed hanging on the walls of the owners.  This
                        is "September Harvest"  owned by Janet and Mac McCluskey
                        Mac and Janet also own "Open on Sunday" (below) and
                        several more paintings and studies including "Sam's Creek"
                       and "Blackeyed Susans"  which are on the website.
                             Mac had special cross-lighting installed to compliment this painting.
                             Janet and Mac are great collectors and friends as well.   The good
                      thing about being friends with the collectors that own your art is that
                      you get to visit and see the paintings plus have a great cup of coffee
                      and conversation.  Mac has the best coffee in town!
                      I never met Tanya personally, but she does have some
                  of my early prints and did inform me that her daughter, Presley, about
                      five then, had "The Veteran" hanging in her room.  It was her favorite
                Rance Hood was one of the many great artist I've met along the way.
            He had a booth next to me at "The Colors Of The Heartland"
            show in St. Paul, Minnesota back in 1986.  It was a benefit show
            for Farm-Aid.  We spent a week during the show.  He was one of
             the featured artist, along with Ted Blaylock....great artist.  Rance
             is still painting.
                   New photos of the Gallery since we have replaced the old flowers
                   with new ones.  It was hard to replace the old rose bushes and Irises
                   that had been there for so many years, but it their root system had
                   just about played out and it was time to freshen the look up.
                  photos taken 8/24/2011
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