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                                                                                             Egg Tempra
                                                                                                  36 x 48
                   My friend Mariah sitting on the beach at her grandmother's house in Florida.  Mariah is also a great
                   artist and art major at Austin Peay State University...I've also had the priviledge of teaching her since
                   she was sixteen and watching her art develop.   One of my favoite paintings, and probably my best.
                                                      "A Walk On The Beach"      
                                                                                        Watercolor study
                                                                                               10" x 20"
                                   I just did this little watercolor study of Mariah on the beach again in Florida
                                     a few weeks ago, right before starting her final year in college as an art major.
                                     She is such a natural to paint.......can't wait to do this one in egg tempra....probably
                                     around 20 x 30 in size.    I have several studies to do of her in Florida.....the biggest
                                     problem is deciding which one to paint!
                                                             "Father of Bluegrass"
                                                                                                16" x 20"
                                                 This is a loose watercolor study of the painting I am
                                                getting ready to do....commemorating what would
                                                 been the one hundreth birthday of Bill Monroe, the
                                                 father of bluegrass.  He would have been one hundred
                                                 years old in September of this year.  He was the one
                                                 who give the name "Bluegrass" to the music that he
                                                 perfected and played.  A legend in country music. I
                                                 will be starting on this one pretty soon, the original
                                                 watercolor will be around 30 x 40 in size.  The crude
                                                  studies just give you a quick feel of the light, color
                                                  and composition that will be in the final painting.
                                                  I think this will be one of my finest watercolors when
                                                                        Egg Tempra
                                                                            16 x 20
                          I loved doing this painting in egg tempra because of the contrast and colors
                          involved.  The setting for the painting was an old store in Leipers Fork, Tn.
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