Maria Cherry Gallery - "Washroom"
Maria Cherry Gallery - Company Message
                                                 The setting for this painting was the basement of "Foxland Hall" near
                                                 Gallatin, tn.  It was an old plantation house built around 1825.   It was
                                                 a self contained plantation including it's own grist mill and water tower
                                                 for irrigation.  I was friends with the last family that occupied it until
                                                 1987 when it was sold to a development.
                                                 Giclee' size and price
                                                 Limited Edition 250 s/n       35 x 40    $ 800
                                                                                             24.5 x 28    $ 500
                                                                                             17.5 x 20    $ 300
                                                                                                37 x 42    $ 1200 special order (original size)
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