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                                                                        "Open On Sunday"
                    This is the old church that stood near the Dickson/Cheatham county line.  It  was torn down
                    about two years after I finished the painting.  Loved looking at it in the late afternoon.  It was
                    established around 1870.  A very funny story concerning one of the first pastors..... he was new
                     to the country and lived in a log house right down the road which the church furnished.  He
                     wanted to plant a garden so the local members told him that it was important to water the plants
                     everyday in order for anything to come up and grow.  One day while it was raining, they noticed
                     him in the garden with an umbrella watering the newly planted garden.....he took what they had
                     told him to heart.  This is a true stroy and documented in the church history log.  I felt a need
                     to do this painting because if I didn't, I was going to injure myself.   On my way home from the
                     gallery every fall afternoon, I found myself looking back at the church as I passed it.....almost
                     running off the road several times.  There was some urgency in this painting.
                      Giclee size and price
                      Limited Edition 250 s/n    28 x 33    $ 800 (original size)                                                                   
                                                                  24 x 28    $ 500
                                                                  17 x 20    $ 300
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