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                                          "On The Beach"
                                  On most paintings, I usually do a study either in pencil or in 
                                     watercolor to get the feel of what I want out of the finished
                                     painting.  For the egg tempra "Mariah"  I did two pencil studies
                                     and this watercolor study.  On this particular study, I was trying
                                     to get placement and a hint of color...........not so much of a detailed
                                     likeness or finished product.  These studies are important on
                                     giving you a hint of how the finished painting will look and also you
                                    use these as a scale of how large the original painting will be.  This
                                     watercolor study was done in about two hours time.   The original
                                     egg tempra "Mariah" was six months in the making.
                                    Giclee size and price
                            Limited Edition 250 s/n           15x20 (original size)      $ 200
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