Maria Cherry Gallery - "Moonlight At Allens"
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                                                                         "Moonlight At Allens"
                       This is the old Allen house in the second full moon of the month, appropriately called a blue moon.
                       It aways looked spooky sitting there in that bright moonlight.  It was built around 1826 by my great
                       great grandfather, George Sugg Allen.  It is now a subdivision with new homes,..but the original
                       house still stands at the entrance with the old spruce tree just about gone.
                      Giclee' size and price
                      Limited Edition 250 s/n    25 x 40   $ 1000
                                                                  17 x 28    $ 500
                                                                  12 x 20    $ 300
                                                                  30 x 48    $ 1500  special order (original size)
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