Maria Cherry Gallery - "Mariah" pencil studies
Maria Cherry Gallery - Company Message
These are the first pencil studies for the the egg tempra painting "Mariah".  I usually do a few studies just to get the
feel for the original painting.  I also did one small water color for placement and color.  Both are approximately 8 x 10
in size done on just plain copy paper.  Sometimes you just pick up anything to sketch on.  There is also a sketch of
her foot on a sticky note pad that goes with this set.  It's actually stuck on the framed study.  Gives it character I think.  Most studies are pretty crude as they are thrown around while doing the original painting but some view them
as collectable, so I do manage to save most of them.  It does give you a vision of how a painting develops from the
first idea to the finished painting. 
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