Maria Cherry Gallery - "Lost In The Blues"
Maria Cherry Gallery - Company Message
                                                           "Lost In The Blues"
                                       This painting developed from a photo of a friend of mine.  He is a blues
                                        player who lived in Mississippi.  While traveling the back roads he came
                                        across this unique person and asked him to play a song for him.  He broke
                                        into a rendition of "Amazing Grace".   I did it in tempra to bring out the
                                        blues and his character. Thus naming it "Lost In The Blues",  one of my
                                        best I think.
                                        Giclee' size and price
                                        Limited Edition 150 s/n    36 x 36    $ 1000
                                                                                     28 x 28    $ 800
                                                                                     20 x 20    $ 500
                                                                                     48 x 48    $ 2000 special order (original size)
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