Maria Cherry Gallery - "Janice and Rose"
Maria Cherry Gallery - Company Message
                                                                          "Janice and Rose"
                                   I met Janice and Rose on one of my many visits to the Menonite community
                                   near Scottsville, Ky.  I buy candles from their mom and the two girls are
                                   always there playing or letting me smell the candles by taking every top off!
                                   They have become great friends and I see them often.  Their age in  this
                                   painting was....Janice four and Rose six.  I plan to paint them again hopefully
                                   in ten years....together if possible.    Janice is the blonde four year old and
                                   has no fear of anything and is always into mischief.  Rose, the older one is
                                   quiet and a little shy.   They love to ride their pony through the cabbage patch.
                                  Giclee' size and price
                                  Limited Edition 250 s/n     15 x 17.5    $ 400 (original size)
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