Maria Cherry Gallery - "Full Moon Over Charlotte"
Maria Cherry Gallery - Representing H.R. Lovell
                                                 "Full Moon Over Charlotte"
       This is the old jail built around 1834 in Charlotte, Tn.  It sits right next to our gallery there.
        Sitting on the front porch of the gallery one night.......the moon came up and just seemed
         to light it up.  One of my larger egg tempras.  I started with a five inch diameter moon and
          scaled the rest of the painting to it.
          Giclee' size and price
          Limited Edition 250 s/n    31 x 40    $ 800
                                                                   22 x 28   $ 500
                                                                  16 x 20   $ 300
                                                                   36 x 46   $ 1200 special order (original size)
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