Maria Cherry Gallery - "Firing The Meat"
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                              "Firing The Meat"
                          My cousin Wayne, feeding the Hickory slabs to the old barrel
                                  which has a grate in it letting the coals fall through and be used
                                   to fire the barbeque shoulders.  This is a slow 15 to 20 hour
                                   process.  I was there doing some detail sketches and drawings
                                   when Wayne ask me if I was finished yet...and I said yes.  He
                                    stepped over to open the door and I snapped a photo of him.
                                  I knew he wouldn't ever let me if I ask him to be in the photo.
                                  He didn't know he was in the painting until he seen it a few
                                  months later.  I think this was painted in about 1984 or 1986.
                                  They've been doing it the same way for 32 years and Wayne
                                 still does his part every Friday.
                 Giclee' size and price
                 Limited Edition 250/sn              20 x 30          $ 500 (original size)
                                                                16 x 20          $ 250
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