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Maria Cherry Gallery


Southern American Realism

"The Violin Of James Rudolph Lovell"

This was the violin my dad used to play. It belonged to his dad, James Rudolph Lovell, and maybe his granddad Robert Greene Lovell. My dad played it often and was really good. In his early twenties he had a chance to play on the Grand Ole Opry but had no way of transportation back and forth to Nashville other than a mule. He never pursued it any farther. I still have the violin in its wooden case today and it is in remarkable shape. Lucky I was able to paint it, because I never had any luck playing it.

Giclee' size and price

Limited Edition 100 s/n      30 x 40    $ 1500

                                            21 x 28    $ 500

                                            15 x 20    $ 300