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Maria Cherry Gallery


Southern American Realism

"The Shining"

I did this painting because of my love for chrome and hot rods. I constantly drew cars while in high school having only pencil to work with. After my fling with building dragsters was gone and my art started to develop......I just wanted to go back and see how chrome could be painted with watercolor using no pens or markers....just small brushes. I found out almost to the point of going blind. Probably one of the hardest paintings I've ever done due to the detail involved painting the chrome. It took me five months to finish the painting with a one month break in the middle to rest my eyes. One of my favorites, though. It is a 1956 model.  

Giclee' size and price

Limited Edition 1956 s/n     22 x 30         $ 500 (original size)

                                             14.5 x 20      $ 300