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Maria Cherry Gallery


Southern American Realism

"Mr. Willy"

 Mr. Willy was a friend of mine and a fixture at my cousin's store, Lakeveiw Market. He sit on that bench for half of my adult life....and I sat with him a big part of that time. When his family requested the portrait, we both agreed that he needed to be sitting on the bench in front of the could always find him there except for lunch and bedtime (sometimes then!) Willy was a true jack of all trades.......he knew a little about everything from farming, building, electrical, pumps name it, if he didn't know, he wouldn't let on. One time he and the retired sheriff (also a retired farmer) got into an argument about which way a hillside plow turned over at the end of the row. After about three days of heated argument they both drove to an old antique farm store that had one.........Willy was right and proved his point........that was Willy. The front of Lakeview Market will never be the same.

Giclee' size and price

25 x 32 (original size)              $ 300

16 x 20                                      $ 150