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Maria Cherry Gallery


Southern American Realism


This was the boat my dad used to cross the Cumberland River with before the Ashland City bridge was built. One time his brother, James Rudolph , fell out of the boat during the flood in 1920's and almost drowned, but dad and his other brother, Stanley pulled him back in. Dad was proud of this boat. I painted it right before his death in the year 2000. This was the same time I met my business partner and dearest friend, Maria whom was my rock during this time. I did the painting as a tribute to my dad and named it "Maria" as a tribute to her.

Giclee' size and price

Limited Edition 250 s/n      37 x 22         $ 800 (Original size)

                                            28 x 16.5       $ 500

                                            22 x 13          $ 300