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Maria Cherry Gallery


Southern American Realism


The setting for this painting was somewhere in Pennsylvania, I'm not sure of the exact location as I was traveling through there on the way to Chadds Ford, Pennslyvania to see an Andrew Wyeth exibition at the Chadds Ford Museum. Wyeth was and still is my favorite artist of all times. I remember this farm was at a bread and breakfast we stayed........typical of the rock barns you see in that part of the country. Probably only one of the few paintings that I really don't know the exact location. I took the photos, and it was actually a couple of years later before I painted it in of my first tempras. At the time of the Wyeth show, I had never painted in egg tempra, having only worked in watercolor. I came back fired up after seeing Wyeth's tempras and wanted to try it out. This painting is probably one of the first few paintings I did in tempra........for sure, the first snow scene in tempra. This painting was done in the early 1990's.

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