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Fine Art By HR Lovell, Meet the Artist & the Man Behind the Paintings

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Artist H.R. Lovell
Video clip about Harold Lovell and his art from the Creative License TV show.

Thanks for visiting!
The Maria Cherry Gallery is a full service gallery featuring the work of  H.R. Lovell, Tennessee's Artist in Residence 2001-2003. From original egg tempras and watercolors to seven color giclee' reproductions.
All images shown in the following pages are available as giclee' reproductions in various .  Please contact us for prices and sizes on giclee' reproductions, and also for original works still available.
Feel free at anytime to call and ask about any particular piece of art or just talk art.  Maria and H.R. are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the art,  the gallery or any exhibitions.  Also about future paintings in progress and when they will be released as reproductions or original art available for purchase.  Be sure and email us and tell us what you think.  This can be done
by the Contact Us page or .  All phone calls and emails will be answered as
soon as possible.......we would love to hear from you!  email
Almost all of every painting H.R. Lovell creates has a story behind it or a reason for painting it.  A
brief description will be listed under each individual painting on the site.  This will give the
viewer a better understanding of each piece.....why it was created...what it meant to the artist and
how the painting came about.  We hope you enjoy this and that it gives you a better feel for the
painting itself.  Enjoy.
We hope you enjoy your visit and viewing approximately thirty years worth of Lovell's paintings and studies.  We will update and add to the site regularly including new paintings and events. Please contact Maria Cherry Gallery for any Style of Artwork Representation. Thank you again for all Inquires.

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